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Friends and Family of Lifta Speak Up, Mobilize to Save the Village

posted Mar 19, 2011, 12:36 PM by Lifta Society   [ updated May 16, 2011, 8:25 PM ]

Last week on March 18, 2011 friends and family of Lifta mobilized to the village, in an effort to escalate the campaign to save her, and raise awareness of the possible cultural setback if her homes are destroyed.  Click here to read the report.

Statements from supporters of the March 2011 petition to save Lifta

Support the campaign to save Lifta Now!  Click here to sign the petition and tell others.  

Lifta’s heritage is a story of a multicultural society, embracing a strong sense of an ethnically and religiously diverse community of Muslims, Jews and Christians which encapsulated a healthy civil equality amongst its inhabitants and the neighbouring communities. Sign this petition to preserve the heritage,learn from the past,organize in the present and build for a future with peace and justice . email this petition to all your family, friends and supporters.

- Monadel Herzallah

Save lifta where Israel built the Keneset on its land also

- Jad K. J. Tawil

SAVE LIFTA, sign the petition send it to your friends New Petition to save Lifta Lifta, a most picturesque Palestinian village, lies on the slopes of West Jerusalem below the highway linking it to Tel-Aviv. It has been abandoned since the invading Hagana underground forces backed by the Stern Gang drove the last of its Palestinian inhabitants in 1948 during the ethnic cleansing.

- Monadel Herzallah

How could Israel claim the preservation of European places of annihilation if it wiped out Lifta?

René Levy

Stop this cruel occupation!

- Michael Roland

To save Lifta till return its inhabitants rudolf Bkouche UJFP

- Rudolf BKOUCHE

De tout coeur avec votre travail G Gumpel UJFP France


Israel the voices that will not be silenced are gathering around you in the middle east and they will clamour more and more around your door. Are you a moral people or petty thieves stealing an old persons belongings under the cover of darkness. This act will not go unsilenced.

- Andrew Baker

Lifta should become a symbol of returning their heritage to the Palestinians.

- Penelope Lichtenecker

Hope to see the refugies return to Lifta and all the other viiagies

- Kerstin Södergren

From France (UJFP and IJAN)

- Jean-Guy Greilsamer 

To save lifta

- Hanadi Aswad

There will be no peace without addressing the crimes of 1948. Saving Lifta is good place to start.

- Deborah Agre

Enough is too much. Stop already! Such Arrogance.

- Sharon Crozier

It seems to me, that what happens with Lifta is one little top of the famouse iceberg (ice-mountain).... Jochi Weil-Goldstein, Initiator of the Appeal by concerned Jews to the Israeli Government

- Jochi Weil-Goldstein

Please save Lifta. it is a unique example of the region's history and heritage and it would be a crime to deliberately destroy it.

- A. Hume

Resource Center for Nonviolence, Santa Cruz, California, USA

- Scott Kennedy

Lifta represents a legacy with great architectural representation of the authentic Palestinian towns.

- May Seikaly

Lifta should remain as eye whitnes on the Nekba , remain for ever tell I return back to my home.

- Yacoub Odeh

This is but another of countless tragedies for the Palestinian people. It is an attempt to destroy the authenticity and identity of those Palestinians who have been deprived of their lands and their homes. It makes me ABSOLUTELY sick that Israel is allowed to continue a policy of ethnic cleansing and that U.S policy is always one-sided in favor of Israel. Until the U.S. brokers a fair and just peace settlement (one that is right for BOTH) sides, there will be eternal conflic in the Middle East. I say SAVE LIFTA!!!!!

- Mary Peete

I have a love for both the Israeli people and the Palestinian people and I feel the success of this petition could help a little towards peace and dignity of both of them.

- Adriana Bottini

Erasing this memory would be another shame on Israel

- Lubna Odeh

Please preserve Lifta village as a place of history and reflection on the past. Do not allow it to become a high rent district for israelis.

- Ann Hayles

One of my properties is located in Lifta

- Nicolas Sayegh

As a Canadian I'm appalled by the Harper government of canada. It's compliance with the apartheid against the Palestinian is completely against human rights. If Canadians knew the true facts of what is happening they would be protesting against the stealing ofPalestinian land and the apartheid. I pray that Lifla can be saved for it's true Palestinian owners.

- Lauretta Amundsen

As a Jew, I deeply oppose this.

- Liat Mandel

This village must be saved at all costs.Not only for its refugee inhabitants but also as a mark on israeli jewish consciousness of the true history of our founding.Let us never forget.

- Susan Nathan

Just as I would not wish to have my history erased from the face of the earth, so also I do not want to have the history of others erased. Shame on Israel not only for the Nakba, but also for erasing as much of Palestinian history as possible. Save Lifta!

- Dorothy Naor

Yet another example of Zionist efforts to erase Palestine. We must stop this and the continuing ethnic cleansing and dispossession.

- Sue Goldstein

We'll never give up supporting Lifta !!

- Mahmoud Massalha

Best of luck with this petition, from supporters in Edmonton, Canada (T6C 1P3).

- Lynette Bondarchuk

I urge you to preserve the unique character of Lifta ans save it from falling victim to more indiscriminate settlements.

- Claudette Lawand

I strongly support the saving of Lifta

- Zohra Belghiti

Hope all the people one day live in Peace, and respect the heritage and beauty of Lifta.God"s love will be with all.

- Anonymous

We emphatically say no to the ongoing Nakba and we will ensure that those who lay a finger on our Butterfinger will be tried as War Criminals, and hanged like Saddam Hussein, on a cold Winter night.

- Zachariah Barghouti

Save Lifta through the World Monuments Fund , amongst others, and pay attention to the city as it has been threatened by neglect, vandalism and forced occupation by extremist settlers

- Joshua

Stop the historical, ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Israel will pay a heavy price for this in the future.

- Carl Zaisser

 I have never been to Palestine, but hope to one day. Unfortunately I'll never get to see it the way it was. Too much has been destroyed and reduced to rubble to be replaced by high-rises occupied by Israeli citizens.

- Anonymous

I find this an opportunity to practice reconciliation by preserving the memory of a place in the way it appears. Let Lifta be an Arab village in Israel, inhabited by Jews, Muslims, Christians alike!

-  Dr. Michael Van Lay-Exeler

Lifta should be restored and saved. It is the least that can be done after the crimes that the Israeli state has committed.

- Ronit Little

The world is watching while you commit these atrocities - you must stop

- Manny Parker

This is outrageous, stop this development at once. Its not even your land! Out! Out! Out!

- Joe Finucane

If a village was not destroyed in the war, why should it be destroyed now? A very good question asked by one of the former inhabitants!

-  Anica Heinlein

I was awed by the beauty still apparent in the buildings that remain in Lifta, but our visit was disturbed by the knowledge that many of the residents of Lifta lived close by and unable to return to their homes.

-  Paula Roderick

Neither the ethnic cleansing of the past nor the vandalism of the present that seeks to cover it up offer a viable path to a secular, possible peace. To save Lifta would represent an alternative imagination of the future.

- David Lloyd

We all loved lifta

- Abdallah

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