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posted Mar 13, 2011, 9:12 PM by Lifta Society   [ updated Dec 11, 2015, 8:07 PM ]
Map date: 1880

Most Recent Information: In the Spring-Summer of 2015, the Israeli National Planning Committee ordered the Land Authority & Finance Ministry to proceed with a plan that overrules the Jerusalem Municipality opposition, to build on the land of Lifta. 417 acres of Lifta village will be taken away from the village's nature land, to build in the upwards of 1,400 housing unites. Additional details found here.

Update [May 15 , 2013]: A ruling in court for administrative matters (contracts) in Jerusalem, canceling the tender 405/2010 marketing land for Lifta (IMI on auction here.) judgment (here on the courts) does not cancel the 6036 Plan from 2006 (here on the Ministry of the Interior) rather designates the village conservation and development.  Read more [Hebrew]

Update [February 6 , 2012]: The Administrative Court in Jerusalem today (6.2.12) ordered the annulment of the Israel Land Administration tender for the marketing of lands of the abandoned Palestinian village of Lifta.  Read the full update.

Update [July 1 , 2011]:
The ILA asked for three extensions to submit its response.  Read the full update.

Update [May 11, 2011]:
Lifta won a small legal fight in its battle for survival. On Wednesday the Jerusalem District Court asked the Israeli Land Authority (ILA) to reconsider its plans to sells the land of Lifta to real estate developers. Let's hope the ILA takes the advice and cancels the sales tender.  The court gave the ILA two weeks to respond.

Update [April 27, 2011]: 
The Case to Save Lifta Village from Destruction

Please Sign the Lifta Society Petition to Save Lifta! 
A judge issued a restraining order so the plan to destroy Lifta is on hold for the meantime.  Now the struggle to prevent the destruction of the village moves to the public sphere. 

The petition aims to save Lifta through the World Monuments Fund , amongst others, and to draw attention to this site which has been threatened by neglect, vandalism and forced occupation by extremist settlers.

Please sign the petition calling to save Lifta and ask others to do so.

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