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Palestinian refugess still hoping to return to homelands

posted Feb 12, 2012, 1:51 PM by Lifta Society   [ updated Feb 12, 2012, 2:49 PM ]
Once a thriving village, now in ruins Lifta is a mere two kilometers distance from Jerusalem Al Quds.

A recent court decision to void tenders for the construction of luxury homes and a shopping mall on village land was seen by Palestinians and some Israelis as a step in the right direction even though the court decision was on a technicality and not because of ownership disputes. 

1st interview: "the court has decided that the village has to be preserved, it cannot be sold or reconstructed... the next step is the preservation of the 1948 events... an israeli court will not rule on the right of return."  

Descendants of the original inhabitants of Lifta still hope for the return to their village despite the passage of more than 64 years. Yusra Odeh was born in lifta but did not grow up in it. 

Voices in support of preserving the Palestinian identity of the village have grown louder in recent years even among some Israelis.

The taboo subject of the Palestinian right of return is now advocated. 

Lifta is said to be the last standing Palestinian village which was not destroyed at the hands of Jewish militias in the 1948 war.  It was not repopulated either. 

To this day it remains in ruins and its original inhabitants, the Palestinians, denied the right of return there.

The ownership of the village land from an Israeli point view is no longer Palestinian. 

The right of return was not raised in court simply because the village owners do not think they'll get justice in an Israeli court. 

Nevertheless the freezing of construction plans provides a glimpse of hope for the preservation of this village. 

Source: Press TV

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